Inclusive Writing

Quite often, when I read through posts on various external but also company-internal blogs that I subscribed to, I stumble over this or that abbreviation or acronym, or sometimes a word that I simply don’t get in the current context. “The best thing to do here is to use a HOC.” — House of Cards? […]

Making the Best of Config

Over the last half year, I have been looking into several of project repositories on GitHub, and I came across quite a few different ways of configuring (and using) various tools and services. In this post, I would like to share some simple, yet effective suggestions that, in my opinion, make for a much easier […]

Conditional Component Composition

In this post, I would like to share two related things that I have developed in the course of a recent client project: ConditionalComponent and composeIf. Conditional Components Sometimes there is the need to render one component or another, based on some condition or context. This is usually done by either an early return or […]

ABC – The Look of Love (in Code)

No, sorry, this is not about the song. But well, while you’re all here, why not start it in the background, and continue reading…? 😅 CONFLICT (some-branch): Merge conflict in some/ Over and over again, I encountered merge conflicts due to several people adding stuff to some kind of list by simply appending whatever they […]