Bulk-Move Named Files Into Folders

If you’re looking to improve your JavaScript file structure, this blog post is for you. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the process of bulk-moving named files into folders, making it easier to organize and manage your code. By using a simple command line script, you can easily convert your named files into index.js files within new folders that match the current file name. This approach will not only simplify your codebase, but also help with file-specific documentation and allow for styles or other files you may want to add in future…

Things I Learned While Replacing a GitHub App with GitHub Actions Workflows

Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming processes by using GitHub Actions! In this post, you’ll discover the valuable lessons learned while replacing a GitHub app with workflows. You will find the transition process explained in detail with tips and tricks to improve efficiency and streamline your workflow. Learn from the real-world experience shared in this post, and take advantage of the power of GitHub Actions to simplify your development process and save valuable time.

On Tags, Versions, Changelogs, Releases and Deployments

Do you know the differences between tags, versions, changelogs, releases, and deployments? In this post, I explain each term and how they relate to each other, providing valuable insights that will help you streamline your workflow. From knowing the difference between a version and a release to understanding how deployments (may) work, this is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their development process.


In this post, I share my experience with Culture Amp’s Skills Coach courses on Feedback, which are aimed at helping improve communication and leadership skills. These courses can help to better demonstrate people skills of communication and leadership. I discuss the concept of feedback, what it is and what it isn’t, how to give and receive feedback, and the importance of asking for permission to give feedback.

Friction Points

Working on client projects, I’ve encountered various friction points. Whether it’s a difference in processes between projects or an odd one that deviates from the norm, it’s important to streamline and standardize your project workflows. By assessing and documenting potential friction points such as local development, dependencies, scripts, config files, and more, you can improve efficiency and share useful resources with your team.

GitHub: Share Canonical URLs

When including a reference to some line(s) of code in a GitHub repository, please do this by using the canonical form of the URL. You can do this by pressing y when browsing a single file on GitHub. This will replace the “pretty” URL with a version that includes the exact commit of the file […]

Debug Diary: Slow Article Migration

This is a (somewhat unusual?) summary of how I debugged and resolved a bottleneck in a migration. Enjoy! 🙂 Background Some client project required migrating existing content from various internal sources into WordPress. This included both posts and terms, as well as a bit of metadata. Most of the existing data was provided as a […]