So, I really did it. Finally!

Since when I registered this domain on September 17—well, yeah, September 17, 2015—I have set up this WordPress install. And the plan to start blogging.

Doing this shouldn’t be too hard, right? Right?

I mean, working as a web developer, I must have done this something between fourty and fifty times for someone else, so far.

But as it turned out, starting your own blog is way different than doing this for someone else.

Good Reasons for a Blog

To be honest, there even had been several good reasons to get this thing done: speaking at WordCamps, getting (a little) more active in commenting on other blogs, or working on some exciting projects I really would love more people to make aware of. But I just didn’t get to the point where I felt comfortable to deactivate that funny maintenance plugin I hacked together for this very site.

In the last two weeks, however, I managed to make time for my (future) website. I abandoned the plan to write an individual theme from scratch—all OOP, SOLID, and DRY, of course—and instead searched through what the Theme Directory had to offer. That’s when I discovered Snowbird, a very well-designed and beautiful theme that now serves as parent for my little Snowbirdie child theme. I just had to download the theme, spend an entire day scutinizing every single file, in order to then open, say, some pull requests on GitHub, and finally idle again for almost a whole week.

The Turning Point

Yesterday, I finally realized I really should start working on what’s important to push myself into making this intricate thing public once and for all. I planned to make the first post include (or simply be) a summary of what happened (and what not) so far. And since I thought that making the very first post of this website crave for getting served in a paginated manner is maybe not the best kind of start, I just tackled what really had to be done. Okay, I did more, but at the same time far less than what I originally had planned.

Having set up SSL in virtually no time at all, I started writing this post here. And since you can read it, I’m more than happy to say, once again: I really did it.

I still didn’t feel comfortable, though. But that’s irrelevant now that this site is live.

What Next?

So, what is it that you can expect in this blog in the future?

As I, understandably, don’t want to start more than one blog, I will be serving mixed content. From what I can think of right now, you might be reading my opinion on Software Development—most probably with an emphasis on Web Development. As a (former) musician, I’d also love to include both written and recorded content on Music—the latter being about me slapping my bass. And last but not least, I will post some Personal writings from time to time as well.

Until next time!

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  1. Hey Thorsten,

    I had already been wondering why you didn’t have a proper blog online. You certainly have a lot to share, so don’t be selfish! 😉

    Can’t wait to see what kinds of posts you will publish here. I know that I will watch closely!

    Have fun writing!

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