Finally! Something that was kept a secret for far too long has just been unveiled: together with my friends and fellow WordPressers, Carl Alexander and Giuseppe Mazzapica, I will be having both the honor and the pleasure of hosting a three-hours-long workshop at WordCamp Europe 2018. 😀

An Introduction to Unit Testing

“Cool! So, What’s It All About?”, you ask? Well, the topic of the workshop will be unit testing, and here is what we put in the application:

We’ve all had these “Wait, what? That worked the other day!” moments. They usually happen after we introduced a new feature but broke existing functionality in the process. This is why we often don’t feel confident that our code is working as expected.

When developing plugins—or whole websites—this is important, though. Clients expect that making changes won’t break their sites. But can we be sure of that?

There is a solution for that, and it’s called Unit Testing! During this hands-on workshop, we’ll help you understand what testable code is and how to write unit tests for it. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to prevent these embarrassing moments from ever happening again.

Sounds interesting? Well, keep an eye on the WCEU website then. Workshop seats are going to be limited, so you have to be quick and sign up as soon as the registrations are open.

A Host of Hosts

Since the workshop is intended for (absolute) beginners, and since there will be setting up to do, I had planned to give the workshop with, at least, three people. So I thought about who might be interested in doing something like this, and also who might be going to WordCamp Europe. The first names that came into my mind were Giuseppe and Carl. Both are very knowledgeable, and they share the same enthusiasm for properly testing (object-oriented) code as I do. That’s why I asked them right away, and they said yes. 😀

Thanks, and grazie! I’m really looking forward to our planning meetings, and to actually giving the workshop, of course.

Further Information

While you might benefit from having heard one or another thing about unit testing, or software testing in general, there is absolutely no prior knowledge or experience required in order to sign up for this workshop. Everything you need to know, you will get to know.

In the workshop, we will cover both PHP and JavaScript. And yes, this will also include Gutenberg specifics as well as React.

Please bring your laptop! To not waste any time, and bandwith, it would be great to have your desired local development (or testing) environment set up. We will install the tools required for testing together. But downloading PHP, or installing MAMP, or booting up your VM for the very first time is something that should have happened before the workshop.

Got Something on Your Mind?

Even though we already have things planned and drafted, it’s still early in the preparation phase. So if you have a question that you want to get answered, or if you would like to see some specific tool or technique be included in the workshop, or if you have some piece of code that you would like to have unit tested, just let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.

See you in Belgrade!? 🙂

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