I just set up the See in REST API repository on GitHub, a simple WordPress plugin that adds a new node to the WordPress admin bar, which links to the REST API representation of the current resource. This works both in the WordPress admin and on the front end (if you are logged in and the admin bar displays).

This is really just a shorthand for manually copying, say, a post’s ID from the admin URL, opening a new browser tab, and writing the .../posts/<ID> REST URL yourself. And thanks to some new functionality that shipped with WordPress 5.5, this was easy to implement.

Something like this would have been super helpful on projects using the WordPress REST API for headless rendering. Maybe you will find it useful, too?

There are no smarts in it, and I can already think of some potentially handy enhancements for this, at the moment, rather simple plugin. But I wanted to get it out first, and maybe get some thoughts from people.

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