Everyone loves avatars, right?

However, not everyone has a Gravatar (or WordPress.com) account yet. For such users, WordPress let’s you choose between several options to display automatically and yet individually generated avatar images.

But what if you just don’t like what you can choose from?

Adorable Avatars

Some time ago, I discovered the Adorable Avatars avatar placeholder service. I really liked the funny faces, and thought about using them for WordPress websites.

In order to not reinvent the wheel, I first searched for an existing integration, but couldn’t find any. So I developed the Adorable Avatars WordPress plugin.


The plugin can be installed in several ways: it is listed in the WordPress.org plugin repository, there is a dedicated GitHub repository, and I also submitted it to Packagist.

Pick your poison.


The one and only thing you have to do is select Adorable Avatars as Default Avatar on the Discussion settings page in your WordPress Admin:

Adorable Avatar Discussion Settings

That’s it already. Any user without a gravatar will now automatically get assigned a unique adorable avatar.

Do You Like What You See?

So, how do you like these funny faces?

What default setting are you using?

Did you know or even use this plugin before?

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