The WordPress Block Editor, which is a part of Core WordPress, is being built in the form of the Gutenberg (plugin) project, which again is split into various npm packages.

Oftentimes, one would like to know “What version of Gutenberg is in a given version of WordPress?”.

However, most of the time, the answer is “WordPress XYZ does not ship a specific version of the Gutenberg plugin”.

This is because, most of the time, WordPress will include specific Gutenberg package versions, and not bundle a specific plugin version.

Of course, there is always a version of Gutenberg that is completely included in a given WordPress version. But usually, there are several further/newer package releases that have been selected for inclusion, too.
These could be bug fixes or even security fixes, or improvements of something that was considered crucial for Core WordPress, but has not yet made it into a Gutenberg plugin release.
Or there already is a next plugin release, but it contains too much experimental or unstable code.

So, the actual question should be “What Gutenberg packages versions are in WordPress XYZ?”, and the answer can be found in the package.json file in WordPress.

I usually go to the GitHub mirror of the development version, select the (version) tag I am interested in, and then look into the file contents.

For WordPress 5.5.1, you would get this:

Maybe that’s of help…?

How do you keep track of Gutenberg vs. WordPress?

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