Inclusive Writing

Quite often, when I read through posts on various external but also company-internal blogs that I subscribed to, I stumble over this or that abbreviation or acronym, or sometimes a word that I simply don’t get in the current context. “The best thing to do here is to use a HOC.” — House of Cards? […]

Making the Best of Config

Over the last half year, I have been looking into several of project repositories on GitHub, and I came across quite a few different ways of configuring (and using) various tools and services. In this post, I would like to share some simple, yet effective suggestions that, in my opinion, make for a much easier […]

ABC – The Look of Love (in Code)

No, sorry, this is not about the song. But well, while you’re all here, why not start it in the background, and continue reading…? 😅 CONFLICT (some-branch): Merge conflict in some/ Over and over again, I encountered merge conflicts due to several people adding stuff to some kind of list by simply appending whatever they […]